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Wellness tourism is a form of travel that focuses on improving health and well-being through health services and medical treatments. Health tourism has become increasingly popular in recent years due to increasing demand, it can also include wellness activities, such as yoga, meditation and massage, which can help improve mental health and general well-being. Additionally, some of our health programs include rehabilitation and recovery programs for people who have suffered an injury.

Hot springs are natural water sources found in the ground that are hot due to volcanic or geothermal activity. Hot springs are often used as health and wellness treatments due to their healing properties and health benefits.

One of the main advantages of hot springs is that they can help relieve pain and inflammation. Many people with health problems, such as arthritis or back pain, have found relief by using hot springs. Hot springs can also help reduce stress and anxiety and improve circulation and sleep.

Massages are another popular form of health and wellness treatment. Massages can help relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve circulation. Additionally, massages can improve flexibility and range of motion and may be beneficial for people who have suffered an injury or have health problems.

Wellness therapies are another form of treatment that focuses on improving well-being and mental health. These therapies may include activities such as yoga, meditation, and cognitive behavioral therapy, which can help reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep quality and overall mental health.

In short, hot springs, massages and wellness therapies are effective ways to improve health and well-being. It is important to speak with a health professional before starting any treatment and make sure it is right for you.

For these reasons, below you can find the health tourism programs that our affiliated hotels offer in their facilities.




The Minos Spa Centers base their value proposition on beauty and wellness treatments inspired by the Minoan culture, predecessor of classical Greece, which receives its name from King Minos.
The aromatic baths and massages that incorporate local products such as oils, wine, honey, among others, make up the range of products used in the Minoan civilization and in our Minos Spa Centers.
In addition, we incorporate into our menu of services treatments brought from different corners of the world to always offer our clients the latest in health and well-being.



For more than fifty years Palasiet Thalasso Clinic and Hotel has helped its guests to have a healthier life. The Palasiet philosophy maintains that, for this, all you need is personal commitment, help and inspiration with the aim of obtaining greater physical and emotional well-being.

Palasiet is in Benicàssim, surrounded bygardens,flowerbedsandtrees facing the Mediterranean Sea, a very speciallocation,withthemagnificent Benicense bay in the background, which invites you to a complete experience of health and well-being. Doctor Joaquín Farnós, pioneer of functional rehabilitation and thalassotherapy, introduced the use of seawater for therapeutic purposes in Spain in 1963. Today, Palasiet is the dean center of thalassotherapy in Spain and one of the most prestigious centers of Europe in this modality of health tourism.

Palasiet is made up of five pillars on which the Palasiet Philosophy is based: thalassotherapy and natural treatments, medical treatments, nutrition, physical activity and emotional balance. All programs are applied in a personalized way adapted to the needs of each guest.



Live a unique experience in the largest seawater spa in Europe. Tour its extensive circuit of pools, jacuzzis, hot tubes, showers, steam baths, flotarium… simply unforgettable! And if you come with small children, surprise them by enjoying the Kids Zone together. Simply spectacular. In the outdoor spa you can enjoy the central spa pool with jets, swan necks and cervical jets, along with outdoor waterfalls. You can access more individual areas of the spa with jets and air bubbles with a relaxing and resting effect. To swim and tone your muscles, immerse yourself in the countercurrent courses. On the upper floor of the spa you can feel the effect of the different jacuzzis with jets on the legs, lumbar and back.

On the upper floors of the Magic World spa, discover the spectacularly themed children’s area with attractions for children from 0 to 5 years old. Soundproofed and independent area where children can enjoy paddling pools of different depths, water cannons, slides, castles, pirate ships…



Come and relax! In our Spa you will find a space created for your maximum well-being. It has a heated pool equipped with different hydromassage options, hot slab and loungers, sensation shower tunnel, sauna, Turkish bath and ice fountain. Fully equipped with: sauna, Turkish bath, swimming pool, shower tunnel and ice fountain.

Gym: Fully equipped for both muscle exercise and cardiovascular exercise, with a variety of machines for different physical activities.

Massage Room: Enjoy our extensive menu of relaxing and therapeutic massages. This service is available by appointment.



The SPA circuit consists of a dry area, a Finnish sauna and a Turkish bath, where you can relax and prepare to take the waters in our bithermal, Scottish, three-season and lymphatic showers, the contrasts of hot and cold waters, chromotherapy and aromatherapy will make your our clients enjoy and stimulate different senses, they will continue through the footbath until they take us to the pool and hydromassage, finally, they will be able to relax on our thermal beds.
Our professionals are specialized in relaxation, rejuvenation and aesthetic treatments based solely on natural techniques and products.
The best place to release stress. Natural treatments have been introduced in the world of beauty in recent years, and have gained great prominence in spas. This trend is based on a firm commitment to the environment, sustainability and health, which guarantees unique experiences using natural products and free of chemical products.

“At the Xauen Hotel Spa you will enjoy a whole range of treatments that will make your visit to Montanejos an unforgettable stay.”


Located on the banks of the river that baptizes the region and very close to the urban center, the Hotel Rosaleda del Mijares has become an emblem of the attractive town of Montanejos. Very close to the Montanejos Spa and the Fuente de Baños thermal water spring is the Hotel Rosaleda del Mijares, a reference hotel in Montanejos. It has 81 rooms and several types to choose from, with all the necessary equipment for your rest. As for gastronomy, we have a Restaurant with several rooms and a menu and a la carte service, a Bar with a more informal service of drinks and food, and the fantastic River Club next to the river. To relax you can visit our Ludic Spa or the great Vip Spa for greater privacy.