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A land of contrasts

The city of Peñíscola, to the north of the Valencia Region, is situated in a privileged spot on the Spanish Mediterranean. Its rich variety of natural resources and benign climate encouraged human settlements going back to the mists of time. Over the course of History, it has played its part in major events, such the Papal Schism, when it was the residence of Benedict XIII, Pope Luna. The medieval walls were reinforced in the reign of Felipe II and are a fine example of Renaissance military architecture. The old town, located on a Rock surrounded by sea and flanked by excellent beaches, forms a labyrinth of steep, narrow streets squeezed between the walls and the Templar castle at the top, an unforgettable sight for the visitor. Peñíscola becomes a lively tourist destination in summer and reverts to a more tranquil seaside town during the rest of the year.

The Mediterranean Sea permeates all corners of Peñíscola, leading to its description as “a boat stranded at sea…” and influencing its culture as an active fishing port, and home to some excellent cuisine in which rice dishes, fish and seafood are the undisputed protagonists. Peñíscola has also served as the starting point for trips around the historic Maestrazgo region, a land of contrasts between the interior and the coast, between modernity and traditional rural life. The rugged mountains, villages and location suspended in time, and above all its people, will leave the visitor with a store of sensations that will surely inspire a desire to return.

Gastronomic tourism

The city of Peñíscola offers its visitors different gastronomic events throughout the year:

  • Gastronomic Day of the Sea and the Garden of Peñíscola.
  • Gastronomic Day of the Octopus of the Fish Market of Peñíscola.
  • Gastronomic Day of Traditional cuisine.

Sport tourism

The city of Peñíscola and its surroundings offer multiple natural resources for the practice of environmental and sports activities:

  • Guided trips through the Sierra de Irta, the Marjal de Peñíscola and the northern coastal region including more than 7 km of beaches.
  • An ideal location for sporting activities with a number of fully equipped installations and specialist companies offering qualified services.
  • Trekking, Nordic walking, Mountain bikes and cycling clubs (both amateur and professional), Duathlon,Triathlon, Beach volleyball, Rock-climbing, Bird watching, Nautical and Maritime sports (swimming, paddle surf, canoeing, kayak, sailing, fishing, scuba diving, etc.), numerous multi-sports centers and clubs in the area.

Cultural tourism

Immerse yourself in Peñíscola’s magical Film Route and discover the majesty of Papa Luna Castle. A unique fusion of history and cinematography that will captivate you with its splendour

  • Peñíscola cinema route: a route that allows you to discover the 14 most outstanding locations in the city that have served as natural backdrops for international films
  • Papa Luna Castle: Peñíscola’s imposing Castle of Papa Luna, witness to centuries of history, rises majestically over the sea.

Family tourism

The city of Peñíscola offers its visitors many activities and events to enjoy with the whole family:

  • Guided trips and historical reenactments at the Peñiscola Castle.
  • Maritime Port experience.
  • Museum of Magic.
  • Tourist Train.
  • Boat trips.
  • Exotic Animal Zoo.
  • Well equipped playgrounds and wide range of free open-air activities for families and tourist maps adapted to family tourism.
  • Monthly agenda of events and activities of the locality, in which family activities are also continously highlighted.

Accomodations in Peñíscola: